The Blue Lagoon Experience

IT. WAS. FABULOUS. This blog is all about the tips and tricks of the blue lagoon and how to gain the best experience! I’ll start from the beginning..   If you plan to go – PLAN. Simple. Yes, if you have been before but it was a while ago.. you do now have to book […]

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Really not ready for winter

#UPDATE! Its been an official month of leaving England. And guess what.. We are going back bro!!     So let me explain… We planned to get a job in Iceland and we needed to stop over in London anyway so why not go home to bed!   Whilst on the plane we had a […]

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A short one

    My bag broke guys   I had broke it, or actually Dave broke it, before we left Poland, and we ordered one but it never came.. So we did another 10 hour journey back to Poland to retrieve stuff we left there and have a proper farewell with Aga.     We only […]

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Did someone say Prague?

  Honestly, it made me hate coaches. but positivity guys! It was supposed to be a 12 hour journey,  but only ended up being a 9 pm to 7 am.   We again had no sleep and we didn’t want to be there too early as our check in time for our bnb wasn’t until […]

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Wait Where?

From going between Malaga, Granada, Madrid and Valencia within 10 days, we thought it was best to get out of Spain, skip the other important places and always return to it another time as we didn’t feel happy. We felt as stuck and as miserable as we did in London. We are still unsure why […]

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WE MADE IT! Valencia is where to go to retire. It is beautiful and friendly, with quite a few English speakers!   We arrived in the city of Valencia with time to figure out how to get to our hostel. We got a whole lot of bull about hostels are cheaper.. bla bla No. That […]


The Nightmare of Madrid

The morning of our trip to Valencia, included a 5 hour coach trip. Easy, night before booking with Go Euro just shows how cheap we wanted to be. The difference between Dave and goose waking up  Dave loved the coach trips.. On most coaches that are over an hour, usually stop off for a break. Meaning the […]

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A day in Granada

We left our Malaga BnB and headed for the coach station.       Be prepared to see nothing along the way, between each city in Spain.   After the desert like views and sitting for 2 hours we made it to Granada! Attempting to understand the buses to get us to the town center, […]

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The Beginning To Malaga

  So I write this whilst we have already left the country and made mistakes. So, let’s start with the beginning. Days leading up to our flight was sorting out everything, but my days were very chilled up until the last hour before we left when I packed and couldn’t carry it. I knew I was taking a […]

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